The Great Resignation is tied to a lack of diversity and upskilling

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The Great Resignation is here and it’s made hiring for technical roles arguably the most difficult it’s ever been. 55% of Americans are looking for a new job with engineering roles taking the most time to fill.

Employees are leaving for two main reasons:

  1. Lack of diversity and inclusive company culture (source)  
  2. Lack of opportunities for professional development (source)  

While the current state of affairs can seem dismal especially if you’re scaling a team (and who isn’t!), there’s hope, and strategic measures to attract, retain, and advance new and current team members.

Hire Generalists & Upskill:

Hiring generalists and helping them to become eventual experts isn’t as big of a delta as some may think. Many full-stack engineers with 1-3 years of experience can be upskilled with targeted training programs that have can them production-ready by day 1. This is how we work with companies like Google, Blend, Twitch, Pandora, and more with our Onramp programs. In addition to attracting more candidates, this approach can diversify the talent pipeline by 50%.

Build vs Buy Talent

60% of employees said they received no professional development and training last year. While it was a year for the history books, it’s a part of why team members are leaving and companies need to invest in their existing talent with the same upskilling approach for new team members. Existing team members already understand the company culture, workflows, team dynamics, and more. By investing in their growth and advancement in targeted and strategic ways that correlate to your hiring goals, you can ensure your existing team stays and your open roles are filled.

The Great Resignation can actually be a defining moment for your company to develop new and existing talent in exciting and innovative ways, thus ensuring your hiring and retention goals are covered today but also, in the future.

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Written by
Jennifer Tacheff

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