Onramp Acquires Edlyft’s Intern Development Program to Expand Our Impact

Onramp is excited to announce our acquisition of Edlyft’s Intern Development Program to strengthen our mission and extend our impact.

We’re excited to announce that Onramp is the new home for Edlyft’s Intern Development Program. This mission-aligned acquisition enables us to expand our impact and support a larger population of talented job seekers in building meaningful, fulfilling careers in the tech industry. This partnership brings together Onramp and Edlyt’s complementary expertise in up-skilling early talent by ensuring job-readiness for underrepresented minority students pursuing Computer Science degrees. 

“With the addition of the Intern Development Program, Onramp is thrilled to have expanded opportunities to support underrepresented groups in tech and create career mobility for talented college students, while expanding the pipeline of technical hires for leading companies,” says Lateesha Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Onramp. 

What is the Intern Development Program? 

The Intern Development Program enables Computer Science students from underrepresented groups to develop the technical and metacognitive skills they need in order to land a job in a top-tech company after graduation. A fully remote intensive program open to students currently enrolled in a CS program at a four-year university, it provides the training and tools they need to land a summer internship at a sponsoring partnership company. Similar to Onramp’s industry-leading apprenticeship program, the Intern Development Program fills in the gaps of skills that students may not learn in school in order to ensure they are job-ready upon graduation. 

The Intern Development Program is tailored to the needs of our company partners and simplifies the process of sourcing and training early-career CS talent. To bridge the divide between the classroom and each company, the technical training portion focuses on each partner’s tech stack. To ensure students learn about real world scenarios and develop meaningful relationships at partnership companies, small cohorts of students are paired with engineering mentors for practical guidance. We also help students learn how to work effectively together, communicate clearly, and give and receive constructive feedback. The program takes a holistic approach to students’ career development, as they learn networking and personal branding skills and tactics to prepare for technical interviews.

How does it enhance Onramp’s mission? 

Onramp was founded with a mission to change how companies hire, for good. It’s our belief that the traditional tech hiring process passes over large swaths of high-potential, high-growth talent, especially those from underrepresented groups. We’ve found that candidates from non-traditional backgrounds have a hard time breaking through the traditional hiring process, even if they possess a Computer Science degree. The Intern Development Program enables us to extend Onramp’s successful apprenticeship model to a population that we were previously not equipped to serve, while continuing to invest in opportunities for career changers. It also enables us to better serve our partners, and be the go-to source for hiring underrepresented CS talent. 

In a political and economic climate where diversity, equity, and inclusion programs are at risk, Onramp is excited to enable our partnership organizations to support underrepresented candidates and communities for years to come. Through our Intern Development, Apprenticeship, and Elevate mentorship programs, we’re delighted to offer upskilling opportunities for talented candidates at many stages of their careers.

If you’d like to partner with us or see how Onramp’s programs can enhance your recruiting, training, and internship programs, reach out today. 

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Onramp Team

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