Introducing our new, accelerated application process

Onramp is excited to announce our acquisition of Edlyft’s Intern Development Program to strengthen our mission and extend our impact.

Exciting news from the Onramp team! We’re working to make the application process faster, more efficient, and more fair. Welcome to the new, accelerated application process!

Why we are making changes

Previously, our application process could span several weeks to a month, and each stage–Onramp interviews, projects, hiring partner interviews–stretched the process out. For candidates, who are presumably hustling for jobs and opportunities, this could create challenging wait times to find out if you were advancing to the next step. No one likes being left in limbo and some candidates find they have to take a role because they can’t afford to wait to find out.

To respect candidates’ time, and get you answers faster, we’re updating our application process from a single fixed deadline (which means everyone has to wait until all the applications are in) to a rolling process, where applications are reviewed as they arrive. This will get candidates answers much quicker. Even if your application does not move forward, we know it’s better for you to find that out sooner so you can pursue other opportunities. 

How will the application process work going forward?

  • Onramp will announce a new application for a new cohort of apprentices, yay! You’ll find out via email, social media, or on our site. 
  • Submit your application as soon as it’s ready*… don’t dilly-dally because applications will be processed as soon as they are sent in. 
  • Applicants will either be a) moved into interviews as quickly as possible, or b) told they will not be moving forward in the process… as quickly as possible.
  • As soon as we have filled a cohort of finalists (let’s say, twelve, or fifteen, depending on the partner), the application will close. In other words, we’re enrolling people in our cohorts to get them learning (and get them paid!) as fast as we can. 

Onramp's new accelerated application process

*How do I know if my application is “ready”?

Great question. We have some great resources for you to double check, 1) attend a bi-weekly office hours with our technical mentors to help you prepare, and 2) in the application, there will also be a checklist of concepts and topics to help you assess your own readiness. 

If you need to review any of the pre-requisite material or self-teach any of the content that Onramp has provided to prepare for the apprenticeship, you should focus on that as efficiently as you can. 

If this Onramp apprenticeship is what you want, and you feel like a great fit for the criteria listed (remember, each apprenticeship is different and some look for specific skills or experiences), you should get your application in as quickly as possible. 

Only you know how ready you feel for the application. Spending extra weeks prepping when you already feel pretty confident is not a great idea, because getting your application in early gets your application reviewed early (and reminder: there are a limited number of spots!)

What if I submit and get rejected?

Unfortunately, each apprenticeship cohort only has limited spots and we are committed to enrolling people we believe will be successful. We don’t want to waste your time, or leave you in limbo, which is why we’re reviewing applications in real time. If you prepare for the application, and still don’t get accepted, we hope that you’ll consider the investment a good use of time. The skill-building and learning you did should help you no matter what you apply for next, because all tech jobs are looking for people who are eager to learn, self-motivated, and able to tackle new materials quickly. You can, of course, always reapply for another apprenticeship with Onramp in the future!

Written by
Dana Breen

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