Apprenticeships are the best kept secret to creating inclusion in tech. Pass it on...

Onramp is excited to announce our acquisition of Edlyft’s Intern Development Program to strengthen our mission and extend our impact.

Apprenticeships are on the rise and with good reason. The U.S. added over half a million apprentices over the past three years, with 200,000+ of those occurring during the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic this past year.

Why? They increase diversity, transparency, and overall job and employer satisfaction. 98% of employers state apprentices bring significant benefits to their businesses, according to a recent survey of over 1,000 HR and Talent representatives.

Retention rates are 94% among apprentices as an example and they can increase diversity by over 40%.  

At Onramp we hear over and over again from companies scaling that they need diverse technical talent right NOW! These companies are running up against systemic issues around inequity and representation in the tech industry. Read: you can’t all get the same mid to senior-level engineers.

The companies that are truly making strides in hiring at scale are thinking differently and ultimately more strategically. They’re launching apprenticeships with rolling cohort models to address new and existing talent upskilling. The end result is more diverse and engaged teams. More roles filled, a diverse internal pipeline of mid-level candidates, and the ability to hire more in the future.

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Written by
Jennifer Tacheff

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